Dissafyt (PTY) LTD

Dissafyt is a divisionalized entity with various brands. Dissafyt Digital is a Web Design Service Provider and Dissafyt Apparel is a clothing brand in an Online Store.

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Role: Web Designer & Developer

Tools: VS Code, Git & Heroku

Timeline: June '22 - July '22

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In an organization, never follow a person instead follow the system

-Bharath Mamidoju


Dissafyt first started out as a Clothing Brand, with the goal of running an online store. As the director acquired Web Design as a skill, they saw the opportunity to offer it as a service as well.

Live Project

The main purpose of this was to create an online store that can integrate different sales channels like social media platforms and search engine shopping. The indirect goal was to increase their reach and improve their presence. It also in-directly helps to increase their credibility as an business.

I was the sole-designer on the project and our responsibilities included research, user interviews, wireframing, prototyping, usability tests. We could take our time with the course but there was deadlines, and some key achievements listed below:

Understand the Problem

The company is a start-up with a very limited budget. We need to build a website that can be hosted for free, as well as integrate free features until the company can afford to upgrade their plans.

Product Implementation

As this a low-budget project. We needed to find the relevant technologies that can bring the cost of hosting the website to virtually nothing.

Defining the MVP

There will be a hero page explaining the nature of the website with a CTA to book an appointment with one of the employees.


Landing Page wireframe

Below you will find the wireframe designed for the landing page for Dissafyt Digital.

Live Site

Below you will find a button that takes you to the live site of this website

See Live Site

Results and takeaways

It took longer than anticipated to design the website. I did not have a proper project plan in place and that is the main reason why it took as long as it did.

Some key takeaways